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Stay in the Game: Effective Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises for Overhead Athletes

Stay in the Game: Effective Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises for Overhead Athletes

Are you an overhead athlete dealing with persistent shoulder pain? You're not alone. Shoulder pain is a common issue among athletes, particularly those involved in sports like pickle ball, tennis, and baseball. But don't let this pain sideline you. With the right shoulder pain relief exercises, you can manage your discomfort and get back in the game.

Understanding Shoulder Pain in Overhead Athletes
Shoulder pain in athletes often stems from overuse, strain, or injury to the complex network of muscles and joints in the shoulder. Understanding the cause of your pain is the first step towards effective management and relief. Let's dive into some exercises that can help warm up your body before you begin!

Pendulum Stretch
This simple exercise can help increase mobility and flexibility in your shoulder, reducing pain and stiffness. Stand straight, lean over slightly, and allow your affected arm to hang down. Then, gently swing your arm in small circles.

Arm Across the Chest Stretch
This stretch targets the shoulder muscles directly. Simply pull your affected arm across your chest, using your other arm to deepen the stretch. Hold for 15-20 seconds, then switch sides.

Neck Release

Shoulder pain can often be linked to tension in the neck. To perform a neck release, tilt your chin towards your chest, then lean your head to one side. Hold for one minute, then repeat on the other side. You can check out our youtube video on our neck flexion stretch by clicking on the image!

Chest Expansion

This exercise helps to open up the chest and shoulder muscles. Stand straight, hold a band behind your back, and lift your chin towards the ceiling as you pull your shoulder blades together.

External Rotation with Band

Strengthen your rotator cuff muscles with this exercise. Attach a band to a fixed object, stand sideways to it, and hold the band with the hand furthest from it. Keep your elbow at a 90-degree angle and rotate your forearm outward, then slowly return to the starting position.

Scapular Stabilization

It's been long understood that a crucial part in any overhead athletes career that scapular positioning is key to a healthy and successful career. Do not neglect learning how to stabilize your scapula, we are here to help.  

Shoulder pain doesn't have to keep you from the sports you love. With these shoulder pain relief exercises, you can manage your pain, improve your mobility, and continue to perform at your best. Remember, consistency is key, and it's always important to listen to your body and avoid any movements that cause pain. 

ADAM Performance System

Interesting enough, our patented ADAM Performance system provides you the ability to achieve each of these crucial warm up steps in less than 5 minutes of time. From shoulder stretches, chest expansion and scapular stabilization it is by far the most effective tool available to keeping you prime and active for years to come. Our system is designed to maximize your mobility, stability and strength in the most efficient way possible. Stop wasting time, and start experience true relief immediately.

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