Are You Sidelined by Chronic Shoulder Pain?

Don't let chronic shoulder pain, inflammation, and muscle tightness limit your life.

Your Path to Recovery

Select Your Size + Resistance

Choose brace size using our sizing guide (S,M,L,XL) and select resistance level (Beginner or Athlete) for home, gym, or office use.

Watch The Set-Up Guide

Learn how to use your equipment with our video set-up guide and coaching manual.

30 Day Program Outline

Follow our daily program that will steadily improve your shoulder & neck mobility, stability and strength in just 5 minutes a day.

Use our 64-page guide to progress

Utilize the guide manual as your primary reference source. It contains extensive knowledge and information in one book.

Why Choose ADAM Rehabilitation?

We understand the frustration and limitations that come with chronic pain

Avoid the pitfalls of temporary fixes and potential side effects from medications. Gain a sustainable solution for a pain-free life.

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Take your recovery into your own hands:

Everyone deserves to live their life without pain, to do the things you love most without suffering. Be active again, play with your family again, the freedom you're looking for is here.

The safest way to exercise:

Experience exercise like never before with our state-of-the-art braces that ensure accurate body alignment, promoting enhanced strength and expedited recovery.

We provide you with the blueprint AND the tools:

  1. Assessment + 30 Day Shoulder Pain Solution PDF
  2. 64 Page Setup + Training Guide Book
  3. Mobile Carry Bag
  4. Lumbar + Spine Support
  5. 4 Elastic Bands (2 Pairs) for Any Skill Level
Perform Better
Breathe Better
Sleep Better
Reduce Pain
Prevent Injury
Perform Better
Breathe Better
Sleep Better
Reduce Pain
Prevent Injury
Perform Better
Breathe Better
Sleep Better
Reduce Pain
Prevent Injury

Meet Your Guide: ADAM Rehabilitation

Reverse frozen shoulder, bursitis, impingements, general shoulder pain, muscular tightness, rounded shoulders, and perfect your posture.

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Clients Overall Pain Reduction
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