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Pain Free Workouts Start Now

Pain-Free Workouts Start Now!

More than 5 years of research and development has gone into designing the ADAM brace. Each ring has been placed to optimize your form and function across hundreds of exercise variations.

Optimize your form and function with hundreds of exercise variations that save your shoulders and enhance your athleticism.

Stay in the game with the #1 shoulder optimation system: Prevent injuries. Avoid reoccurring injuries. Increase strength.

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The First Dynamic Multi-Functional Elbow Brace

Prevent Re-Injury -- Increase Strength -- Continue Training

The ADAM Brace is the most stable and dynamic exercise-specific rehabilitation tool available. Founded on the ideology that restoring, maintaining, and promoting physical strength is the key to living a healthier lifestyle, we also know that if movement is important to your plan – pain can’t get in your way.


The ADAM Brace delivers safer alternatives for exercise and rehabilitation therapy. It’s that simple.

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Upper Body Workouts with ADAM
The Ultimate Hands-Free Rehabilitation Tool!
ADAM Braces are the safest and most stable tools — especially when compared to resistance bands and cable exercises. Being centered around the elbow, the ADAM brace eases tension off the shoulder while still allowing you to conduct a full range of motion in each movement.

Optimize form and function

Relevant loading for strength exercise 

Can be used anywhere

Alleviate hand / wrist / elbow discomfort

Stabilize and protect joints

ADAM Brace
Elastic Bands

Testimonials: Our athletes say it best!

People love how easy the ADAM Brace is to use in their daily workout routines. The results in their training, mobility, injury recovery, and the huge reduction in re-injury — all speak for themselves!

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