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I Used To Believe Stretching Was Key To Shoulder Health… But I Was Wrong: Here’s How I Finally Got The Relief I Needed

I Used To Believe Stretching Was Key To Shoulder Health… But I Was Wrong: Here’s How I Finally Got The Relief I Needed

As someone who has seen so many people struggle with shoulder pain, I understand the frustration and desperation that comes with searching for relief. Like many others, I used to think that stretching was the key to keeping their shoulders healthy and pain-free. I would spend hours each day teaching others how to stretch their shoulders, trying to alleviate the pain and stiffness that had become a constant companion. But despite my best efforts, their shoulder pain only seemed to get worse.

It wasn’t until we began to focus on improving posture and proper strength exercises that I finally saw the progress we had been seeking. Stretching alone was not enough to truly support healthy shoulder health. We needed to address the underlying issues of muscle imbalances, weakness, and poor movement patterns.

We immediately started incorporating exercises that targeted the entire shoulder girdle, which in-turn helped to improve the strength and stability of the rotator cuff muscles. This approach involved strengthening all sides of the shoulder, the frontal, lateral and rear delts, and most importantly the scapula. This helped to alleviate impingement, bursitis, tendinitis, and frozen shoulder by reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

We also began to focus on exercises that target stability and balance, such as shoulder stability and scapular stability exercises, which helped to prevent arthritis by promoting proper movement patterns and muscle balance. This also helped to reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance. Basic exercises like shoulder circles can be combined with walking to easily improve coordination and balance across the entire body. 

Shoulder pain can be a difficult and overwhelming issue to deal with, and it’s not always easy to know where to turn for help. But I can assure you that by taking a comprehensive approach and addressing all underlying issues, it’s possible to alleviate shoulder pain and improve overall shoulder health. ADAM Rehabilitation’s dynamic performance braces, with its patented design, provides a stabilizing effect across the entire arm, allowing users to perform exercises that target all areas of the upper body without pain or discomfort, and with a clear and easy to follow progression model that is designed to target all of the underlying issues that contribute to shoulder pain, it is a valuable tool to help in your journey to healthy shoulders.

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